Snapshot: 2015 Urban Design Invitational, Bridgeland-Riverside ed.

Active Neighbourhoods (ANC) has been engaging Bridgeland-Riverside since July 2014 to find out the good, the bad and the “meh” of its public spaces, engaging over 600 residents and business owners and 22 organizations.

Wednesday’s 2015 Urban Design Invitational, Bridgeland-Riverside edition, was the professional design workshop phase of the project. Using data and community feedback gathered by ANC, local designers and community members spent the day developing a series of design concepts, and discussed feasibility. Designers with ANC are now working to package these concepts, which will go back to Bridgeland residents at the Farmers’ Market in August 2015.  Residents will be asked to prioritize, provide feedback, and select at least one design project to move forward with.

Many thanks to those who donated their time and expertise to the 2015 Urban Design Invitational!  Bridgeland is fortunate and unique in its wealth of local design expertise, and is blessed with dedicated and passionate community members.

Thanks also to the Bridgeland Market, Black Pig Bistro and Cannibale for delicious food, hospitality, and insight on the neighbourhood, and to the 22 NHTV (Breda) students from Holland, who delivered an extra burst of energy and innovative design ideas – and seemed unphased by the threat of rain, wind, tornados and golf-ball sized hail.  Thank you Black Pig Bistro for saving them from the descending apocalypse.

Stay tuned for more on Active Neighbourhoods in Bridgeland-Riverside, and have a lovely weekend!

Celia LeeANC, Bridgeland, UDI