Let's talk about.... McKenzie Towne!

In preparation for Let’s talks about… Neighbourhoods, d.talks and Active Neighbourhoods went into McKenzie Towne for a local wine tasting to find out what residents do in their hood, how they feel about it, and how they get around.  Here’s what we heard:

  • They appreciate their local ice cream shop (agreed!), and hanging out by the fountain.

  • They mow a lot of lawn.

  • They’re not very nosy… that they’ll admit to.

  • They keep their sidewalks shovelled.

  • McKenzie Towners walk a lot within their neighbourhood.

  • They have safety concerns about the roundabout.

  • They would like a beach.

  • They like to indulge in a few beverages in their front yard. Our population sample might have been a ‘lil biased.

  • They have lots of amentiies within walking distance.

So how does this reflect on how we design communities?  Join us tomorrow, May 18 at the Glenbow, where we’ll be talking suburbs: what they’re doing right, what challenges and opportunities they present, and what they’ll look like in the future.  We look to McKenzie Towne – a neighbourhood envisioned as a suburb of the future – as a Calgary case study.

Have additional feedback on McKenzie Towne or the future of the suburbs?  Feel free to email your comments to celia@sustainablecalgary.org, and/or join us May 18:

Celia LeeANC