Snapshot: 2017 Urban Design Invitational, Marlborough ed.

The 2017 Urban Design Invitational, Marlborough ed., dawned mild and sunny after the weekend’s Snowpocalypse.  A HUGE thanks to all those who donated their time!   Every time we hold this event, I am overcome by the enthusiasm, skill and creativity that participants bring to the work.

A few highlights of the day: the concept of “social shelters”; turning airplane noise into music; activating parks by bringing life to surrounding laneways; and verdant, meandering paths that transform Marlborough Way into a safer and more inviting entry into the community.  We can’t wait to share the complete design concepts with you!

Many thanks to the Ethnocultural Council of Calgary for providing space; to Sidewalk Citizen and Ethnicity for delicious food; to Matt Knapik for an impeccable facilitation; and to the City of Calgary, Ward 10, Federation of Calgary Communities, McKinley-Burkhart, Matrix Landscape Architecture and numerous individuals who took time out of their workweek to lend their talents.

Additional thanks to the Marlborough Community Association, Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, City of Calgary, Church of Christ Calgary, and students at NHTV University (Breda) – that’s you Mike and Thomas! – for working with us to connect with Marlborough residents, and their priorities for the neighbourhood.

Celia LeeUDI, Marlborough, ANC