Call For Proposals - YYC Artists and Designers

Active Neighbourhoods invites artist-design teams to submit their qualifications to create a vibrant, temporary public space in a SE community parking lot, on a $12,000-$14,500 budget.  The project will be revealed on August 19 as part of a local event.

About the Active Neighbourhoods project

How can the design of our communities contribute to health, well-being and safety?  Respond to traffic congestion?  Work towards the overall sustainability of our city?  These are questions that inspired the development of Active Neighbourhoods Canada, a partnership between Sustainable Calgary, the Montreal Urban Ecology Centre and Toronto Centre for Active Transportation. We support walking, cycling and vibrant public spaces through community-led, professionally developed urban design projects, with the overall objective of combatting sedentary lifestyles and developing more participatory planning processes.  We have worked alongside 4 communities in Calgary and Alberta over four years to gather resident feedback, propose design changes, prioritize changes to pursue, and in some cases – such as in this proposal – implement change.

Project Background

Funding is now available from Sustainable Calgary, through the Active Neighbourhoods project, to prototype a vibrant public space in a SE Calgary community.

The finished design will be unveiled August 19, 2017, piggy-backing onto a local community event.  Partnering on the project is a community Advisory Group, that will also take the lead on event communications.

Potentially involved at the site:

  • Traffic calming measures implemented adjacent to the site (responsibility of professional engineers)
  • Significant piece of urban furniture may be contributed by members of the community
  • Community gardeners and local artists
  • Vendors (coffee, books) (responsibility of Advisory Group)
  • Seating, lighting, public art, signage (responsibility of artist-design team)
  • Educational activities on traffic safety (responsibility of Sustainable Calgary/Advisory Group)

We are looking for a team of artist(s) and designer(s) that will act as artistic directors, responsible for design, materials purchase, construction, and co-ordinating / curating any contributions by others involved.  They may also choose to combine design work with programming – for example, if the site construction is proposed as a participatory event.  Logistical co-ordination with vendors will be undertaken by the community advisory group, with the design team providing artistic direction on how vendors are involved on site.

Available Resources:

  • Conceptual design schemes for the site (available upon request)
  • Full-length project outline (available upon request)
  • $12,000-$14,500 (depending on final scope of work)


  • a vibrant public space that is sensitive to resident priorities
  • design of simple promotional materials / branding
  • final scope of work and deliverables to be developed collaboratively between design team and community advisory committee

Roles and Responsibilities

Art-Design Team:

  • Artistic direction
  • Materials purchasing and site construction
  • Consultation with Advisory Committee
  • Co-ordination with possible collaborators, as relates to art direction

Community Advisory Committee:

  • Event planning
  • Event logistics
  • Co-ordination with event collaborators (logistics, not art direction)

Traffic Engineer:

  • Traffic-calming design and implementation
  • Co-ordination with Advisory Committee

Proposal Format

Please provide us with:

  • Project Understanding: Brief recap of your understanding of the project (<300 words)
  • Team commitment: list of those involved, hours available to devote to the project, and CVs
  • Experience: Describe your collective experiences with similar projects, experiences that will help you do this work, and why you would work well together as a team. Feel free to include web links to past projects. (<500 words)
  • Proposed Timeline: 3-4 potential phases of work and milestones (broad strokes only – these will be adapted as we develop a scope of work together)

Start Date:  June 24, 2017

Deadline for Proposals:  June 26, 2017, midnight

Send all proposals to, addressed to Celia Lee.  Feel free to contact us at the same address with any questions.

Celia Lee