Episode IV: The Road Awakens

Still a few spots left for the 4th Annual Safe and Smooth Symposium tomorrow!  Get your tickets here.  

What to expect?  Lots of terrible puns.  I wouldn’t know any because I’m not a dad (or a dude… it  could be awhile), but you may want to google “zoo animals” and “star wars” and “puns” to give yourself an edge come Thursday morning.

Safe and Smooth is about liveability, mobility and safety, and this year, we’re focusing on disturbing the forces.  Throwing a monkey wrench into the works.  Pointing at the elephant in the room, so to speak (1).

To help us – students and professor from the University of Breda.  Check out the student projects featuring Acadia, tonight at 6:30 at the Acadia Recreation Complex (free!).

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 17 – presentations, conversations, and hands-on problem-solving, building off of what we’ve learned from recent infrastructure projects in Calgary.  How do we build Calgary from here?

Come back Friday, March 18 for a walk of pop-up projects in Acadia, courtesy of the City of Calgary.  We’ll start at the Acadia Recreation Complex, then dive into developing design schemes for the ‘hood!  Start time to be confirmed on Thursday and online.

Hope you can join us!


(1) None of these are actually puns.

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Celia Lee