Let's have a conversation about Healthy Places!

Your resource for policy conversations and electoral debates, on healthy places! Highlights key information related to Canadian urban issues: equity, economy, environment and the design of public spaces.

Adapting the built environment can improve public health by promoting physical activity, and reducing the incidence of chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity. How can we ensure that the investments made by the federal government in Canadian communities are conducive to health? What information and data can we look to? How do we bring our concerns to electoral debates?

The tool, ‘’Let’s have a conversation about Healthy Places’’ includes four fact sheets reviewing evidence on health, the economy, equity and the environment. It also offers ideas for targeted questions and inspiring examples of policy from coast to coast. Enough to fuel your next electoral debate or workshop on the theme of urban policies!

Rooted in research and our experiences in codesign across 16 Canadian communities, this tool is the latest addition to others on codesign and policy available at ParticipatoryPlanning.ca.

Celia Lee