Healthy Places: Integrated Health Care Facilities

Health campuses are meant to improve human health within their walls, but how can they do so beyond the walls, in the neighbourhoods of which they are a part?

Click to download a pdf of this booklet.

Click to download a pdf of this booklet.

Our brand new publication "Healthy Places" highlights innovative precedents in health care facilities – gorgeous facilities, inviting facilities, community-integrated facilities, walkable facilities, multi-use facilities. This is stuff worth getting excited about! 

Sustainable Calgary commissioned this work in response to a new health facility slated for Bridgeland-Riverside, in a district where residents had expressed a need for amenities, vibrancy and walkability. We wanted to know if there are examples of health campuses designed to contribute to healthy places, by incorporating active transportation, multi-use design, green space and urban agriculture into their design and construction.

In March 2018, Sustainable Calgary held the 2018 Healthy Places event to share this work and start a local conversation. The event brought diverse experts and thought leaders to the table, shed light on local challenges and showcased local capacity. Sincere thanks to all those who participated!  

This publication shares our review of precedents, as well as feedback from event participants. If you would like a hard copy, please be in touch.